A grievance is a dispute or a problem about any act, behaviour, omission, situation or decision which a person thinks is unfair and unjust, and is work related. Some examples would include: discrimination; harassment; or other issues to do with the workplace environment, performance reviews, safety issues, promotion opportunities, leave applications, etc.

It is SSNs policy to maintain a harmonious working environment which affords equality of opportunity. The institute recognizes the right of individuals to express their concern about work related issues and has an official avenue to resolve employees


To provide a mechanism for the resolution of complaints, grievances or problems raised by employees in relation to human resource management and employment related matters.


This policy and procedure applies to all Employees (Faculty & Non-teaching staff) of the Institution.


The Institute provides a mechanism for Employees to raise a complaint or grievance in relation to internal human resources or related matters. These procedures emphasis a collegial approach to grievance resolution through informal facilitation and mediation, and are designed to lead to a prompt resolution of difficult problems.


In the first instance, in the case of minor grievance, all efforts will be made to resolve the complaint directly between the parties in a low-key manner and at the lowest levels of the organization i.e in the department itself by the HOD. However, if a formal complaint is lodged, grievance handling will be guided by the following principles.

1. When an Employee wishes to raise a grievance with the institute that Employee must initially attempt to resolve the grievance through discussions with the other party or parties involved in the grievance process.

2. Human Resources personal is available to facilitate one-on-one discussions, on request.

3. All recommendations made by the Principal will be binding on the parties involved in the grievance process.

4. Complete confidentiality should be maintained by both the parties.

5. The investigation will treat both parties equally with both being given an opportunity to provide explanation and detail without any assumptions being made until full details are available. Management will take all necessary steps to ensure no victimization occurs against anyone who makes a complaint.

6. Fairness: Every allegation will be taken seriously and people involved will be treated fairly.


The outcomes of the grievance process and resolution of the issue could include: a written apology; counseling; an official warning; disciplinary action, dismissal, etc. The aim of the resolution is to create an awareness of the inappropriate nature of his / her behaviour and to prevent the behaviour occurring again.

The investigating officers would usually be the HOD concerned, Principal, HR & AO.

Grievance cell will be manned by the General Manager - HR & Placement and the Manager-HR. The employee aggrieved car present the grievance between 10.00 a.m. - 12 noon on Monday and Friday.

All documentation related to the incident should be kept by the M-HR, filed in strict confidentiality.

The Institute will not normally investigate anonymous complaints unless the issues raised within the complaint are of a serious nature and sufficient information is provided